HSE Policy



MILEPOST EQUIPMENT SERVICES LIMITED shall ensure that employees recognize the dangers in the abuse of alcohol.

  • There shall be a conscious effort to reduce the risk of alcohol abuse.
  • That alcohol and drug dependencies are treatable conditions.
  • Employees are advised to seek medical attention in occupational illness.


  • The consumption of alcohol or an attempt to influence others to do so during official hours.
  • The use possession or selling of alcohol and illegal drugs within its operational premises.
  • MESL shall educate her employees of harmful effects of alcohol and the need for abstinence.


  • Test for abuse of drugs and alcohol if the need arises.
  • Conduct unannounced periodic and random test on employees at work site.
  • Conduct unannounced search for drugs.

MESL acknowledges that smoking is not only dangerous to health but it is also a potential safety hazards. Smoking in public exposes non-smokers to health hazards.
It is the responsibility of MILEPOST EQUIPMENT SERVICES LIMITED to protect her employees from unnecessary exposure to smoking hazards.
As a policy and in line with statutory regulations the smoking of pipes or cigarettes on site and company premises is prohibited.
The ‘NO SMOKING’ rules shall be observed during official hours.

Furthermore, MESL shall:

  • Actively discourage smoking.
  • Prohibit the use or smoking of all kinds of tobacco within its operational sites.


Safety for all is a cooperative venture-requiring minute – attention of every employee at every level. While we share a responsibility in making ours an injury free work place, there are many specific responsibilities attached to each job. Outlined in this section are those for operations manager, Safety officer, and other categories of staff. These instructions are representative in nature and would act as guidelines also. More specific responsibilities are detailed in other sections of this manual. Always remember this that safety is more than a good idea – it must be practiced to work.

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