Equipment Leasing

We specialize in leasing cars, buses, trucks, forklifts, cranes, barges, house boats, crew Boats, tug barges, and earth moving equipment. We also lease Computers, Air conditioners, Printers, Photocopiers, Industrial Compressors and Generators of all sizes.

Our leased equipment are provided with comprehensive insurance coverage including passenger insurance policy.

We offer the various forms of leases:

Spot Hire Lease
Finance Lease
Lease Purchase
Operating Lease

This is a stopgap facility, which provides you immediate service for a short period. Spot hire or short-term agreement is quick, fast and affordable with due consideration to the lease duration and scope of operation or use.

The main reason for offering this type of lease service is to increase our customer confidence by providing an overall door-to-door leasing service with little or no stress.
All you need is to call on us, specify your requirements and the equipment is made available for your use

The difference between this option and lease purchase is that Milepost will provide the finance outlay, register the equipment, provide comprehensive insurance and take charge of tracking facilities only. The Lessee takes over all other responsibilities and make rental payments as when due. The Lessee pays the residual at the end of the lease duration and own the equipment.

The major difference between Lease Purchase structure and the Operating lease is that the lease equipment becomes your property at the end of the Lease Purchase contract having paid a minimal fee called the residual value.

Every other benefit as highlighted in the Operating lease structure is also accrued to the Lease Purchase option.

The Lease Purchase structure takes into consideration the fair market value of the equipment at the end of the contract and leaves you with the option of owning the asset.

This is a fantastic opportunity to update your asset base with current models or latest techniques in the history of rapid technological change and innovation of modern equipment.

This lease agreement involves total financing and management of the lease by Milepost Equipment services Ltd. By this, we provide the initial Capital outlay in financing the lease contract within the contractual period without any financial obligation from your part.

Other commitments include:

  • Maintenance of leased equipment within the contract period.
  • Provide comprehensive Insurance package on the leased equipment through out the contract duration.
  • Chauffeur driven opportunities for motor vehicles.
  • Provide replacement agreement facility within 24 hours to avoid operational distortion.
  • Provision for lease extension to suit your operational targets.
  • Flexible lease rental structure to suit your cash flow projections.

It is important to know that in addition to these, there are many other tangible and intangible benefits you are expected to enjoy notwithstanding the quality of service we are obliged to offer.

In this lease portfolio, the only obligation from your part is to pay your monthly rental as at and when due. Every other responsibility becomes ours.

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